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We have until the 15th to reinspect the car. We need to get a new tailpipe and muffler fast! Please help if you can! Thanks to all of you that have already helped. My mechanic friend is helping me again this Saturday and i need to bring him the parts. i don't want to be a pain in the ass to all of you, but any donation will help get this car done. Please share this post if you can't afford to donate! Thank you!!!

Please help if you can. With the necessary funds we can have this finished by next week in enough time to pass inspection. I am only asking because we have exhausted all other possibilities. Thank you!

We have raised $390 in a previous fundraiser. I have found all the parts necessary to fix the car and the body mechanic to do it. I need purchase the parts and give the mechanic a deposit. This is our only vehicle and we survive on Social Security which just about covers our bills, If you can afford to help and find it in your heart to help, please do. If you cannot contribute, then please repost this message. This damage is a result of a texting Mom running a stop sign and then lying to her insurance company be claiming that I hit her when in fact she hit me. Please help if you can. Thank you to all who have donated! ~Dean

Please share this! It's getting down to the wire. We start work on it this weekend. I still need to get the quarter panel to pass inspection. If there is anything you can do please donate or share. Thank you!

Update: Met with the car body mechanic today and found the front quarter panel needed to repair my car. It was more than I thought but it is a good deal considering the year of the car (1983). I have to get this done before the end of the month as I have to pass inspection and get the new registration. Please repost this if you can. Thank you all for your support.